Centaur warrior priestess by ju5tm3l1554-d479pxd

A Female Centaur

Hybrids are the most common group found on Earth in this time, many hybrids are half animal, half human. 

Common HybridsEdit

Arachne - Spider Hybrid (Rare Version - Arachne Queenmother )

Centaur - Horse Hybrid (Rare Version - Sleipnir )

Minotaur - Bull Hybrid (Rare Version - Cretan Bull )

Alraune - Plant Hybrid (Rare Version - Alraune Seedmother )

Kitsune - Fox Hybrid (Rare Version - Nine Tailed Kitsune )

Harpy - Bird Hybrid (Rare Version - Phoenix )

Naga - Snake Hybrid (Rare Version - Hydra )

Neko - Feline Hybrid (Rare Version - Sphinx   )

Treefolk - Tree Hybrid (Rare Version - Pennantia )

Gnoll - Hyena Hybrid (Rare Version - Gnoll Warlord )

Bugbear - Bear Hybrid (Rare Version - White Bugbear )

Rare HybridsEdit

These hybrids are either of true myth or extinct, these hybrids are difficult to find and barely found in large numbers. Some of these hybrid are powerful and dangerous.

Scylla - Octopus hybrid

Vampire - Mosquito hybrid

Lycan - Canine hybrid

Argonian - Lizard hybrid

Merfolk - Fish Hybrid

Faun - Goat Hybrid

Fairy - Butterfly Hybrid

Demon - Horned Bat Hybrid

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